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Immigration Law is an ever-evolving field of law. If you or someone you care about has an immigration issue, a knowledgeable and experienced attorney is needed to analyze your situation based on the latest immigration rules and regulations.


Immigration laws in practice just a few years ago, may no longer be applicable or valid. Immigration authorities are frequently updating application forms, filing fee amounts, and the evidence needed for different applications. Processing time for various applications has fluctuated greatly in the last decade. Our team of Dallas immigration lawyers stays informed as to all of these developments. Our knowledge will ensure you do not submit inappropriate forms or fees and that your application will be processed on-time without delay or missed deadlines.


United States Immigration laws have been enacted to set procedures and rules for foreign nationals who wish to visit, reside, and / or become a citizen of United States of America. Moreover, immigration laws also provide the rules and guidelines which govern the removal and deportation of non-citizens.


The frequent changes in United States make this field one of the most complicated areas of legal practice. If you or someone you care about is seeking to visit, reside or become a citizen of the United States, or alternatively, has been placed in deportation / removal proceedings, experienced legal representation is crucial.


Please contact MAS Law Firm and schedule a consultation with an experience immigration legal professional. Our attorneys have worked on hundreds of immigration cases over the years, and their experience, knowledge, and dedication is here to help you with your case.



Our team of immigration attorneys are here to provide you the dedicated legal service of our immigration attorneys. Our attorneys offer affordable Immigration legal services, with easy installment plans for the convenience of our clients. Our primary aim is to provide dedicated and cost-effective legal solutions to our clients. You can schedule a consultation with our attorneys by calling at 1.866.789.1664, emailing us at, or filling out the form on top of this page.




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