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Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) can arrest an individual if they are believed to be an undocumented immigrant. After an arrest by ICE, the individual will be detained at one of the locations of the department. ICE is a part of Department of Homeland Services, and beside many of its other duties, it has the authority over detention and removal of undocumented immigrants. If a loved one is detained at one of the ICE detention centers, it is extremely important to hire an experienced immigration attorney. The attorney will help you take the right steps to get bail for the arrest and determine the right course of action for the future immigration proceedings. If the person was arrested on false pretext, an attorney can present his case in front of an immigration court to clarify his position for detention and arrest.



Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is always looking for undocumented immigrants across the country. When an arrest is made, ICE officials will bring the arrestees to one of the detention centers located in the area. These ICE detention centers will hold the arrestees until their immigration proceedings are finalized, and they are ready to be deported. These detentions can range somewhere from few hours to few years, depending on how quick the deportation proceeding for these individuals are finalized.



ICE also detain immigrants with undocumented, documented, permanent resident status involved in crimes. This detention by ICE depends on the severity of the crimes committed by an immigrant and his/her immigration status. As a part of the immigration law, every immigration status has some rules regarding charges of crimes. ICE will only detain an immigrant if he/she is charged with a crime that requires a deportation by ICE. For example, ICE will detain a permanent resident or Green Card holder immediately after he/she finish the jail sentence, if he/she is involved in crimes related to drugs.


Here is the process of detention by ICE for immigrants involved in crimes:

  • When a person with foreign descent commits a crime, the jail officials report him/her to ICE.
  • ICE checks the immigration status of the individual to see if he/she has been in the country illegally. Officials use fingerprints and pictures to identify an individual.
  • Next, ICE officials will evaluate the severity of the crime, and will determine if the crime classifies for an ICE hold or not. Normally, crimes like suspicion of homicide, rape, or sexual abuse of a child, qualify for an ICE hold. On the other hand crimes like driving while intoxicated (DWI) does not qualify for an ICE hold.
  • Based on their initial investigation, if an ICE decided to put a hold on an inmate, the ICE agent will interview the person, and then makes his final decision about maintaining a hold.
  • The person goes through the normal judicial procedure system, and if convicted, serves his/her sentence in the jail.
  • After the end of sentence, ICE will pick up the individual to begin the deportation proceedings.



If a loved one is arrested by ICE, you need to find the detention center where he is currently detained. Next, you need to contact the detention center and confirm that he/she is held at that particular detention center. Once you confirm the exact location of the detention center, you should visit the person to see if he/she needs any money to pay for a phone card. After knowing the whereabouts of your loved one, contact an immigration attorney with details about the case to determine the best course of action for their future.


To help you immigration attorney understand all the details of the case, make sure you have all this information ready for him to understand the case better:

  • Your loved one’s "A" number
  • Port of entry
  • Whether there is an active file with USCIS
  • Whether your loved one has any relief
  • Is your loved one eligible for a bond?
  • Date of the bond hearing
  • Date of the removal hearing
  • Date of any other hearings



If a loved one is arrested by ICE, you need to contact an immigration attorney as soon as possible to start the process of deportation defense. The team of Dallas immigration attorneys at our firm has represented clients for their ICE arrest and deportation defense. We have been providing immigration law services since 2000, and are here to discuss the details of your case to help you determine the right steps to get a favorable outcome of your immigration case. You can call us at 1.866.789.1664, email us at, or fill out the form on top of this page to schedule a consultation with a member of our immigration department. We look forward to providing you a great legal service and help you get your loved one out of ICE detention.




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