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For becoming a permanent resident of the United States of America you need to have a permanent resident card, more commonly known as Green Card. A Green Card is also called a permanent alien registration card. It gives an individual certain immigration benefits including the ability to live and work in United States. An individual can obtain a Green Card either by being in United States on a nonimmigrant visa or in their home country by getting sponsored for immigration.



There are different paths to a permanent resident or Green Card status that includes:

  • Family-based Immigration
  • Employment-based Immigration
  • Refugee or Asylum Status
  • Special Categories of Jobs, Families, and Special Status Adjustment Programs


When an individual first gets a Green Card, he or she gets the permanent resident status on a conditional basis for two (2) years. This is normally refer to as a “Temporary Green Card” or a “conditional permanent resident status.” After the conditional two year Green Card status, an individual can apply for a permanent resident status or a permanent Green Card which is valid for ten (10) years. With a Green Card status an individual has to abide by the law, by not committing any crimes or a violation of their immigration status. As long as an individual abide by the law and keep the immigration status current and valid, he or she can renew the Green Card indefinitely.



Obtaining a Green Card is a complicated process and requires the detailed knowledge of frequently changing immigration law. A Green Card is obtained after either being on a nonimmigrant visa or getting sponsored by a family member for immigration to United States. The complexity involved in obtaining a Green Card, makes it extremely important to file the application the right way.


The experienced team of immigration attorneys of MAS Law Firm has helped hundreds of clients over the years in getting their Green Card. The experienced legal team has helped clients on work, visitor, and fiancé visas; refugee/asylum status; and individuals sponsored by their US citizen parents, kids, or siblings. The dedication and extensive knowledge of immigration laws of our lawyers have helped our clients in getting the favorable outcomes for their Green Card cases.



According to the US immigration laws, steps involved in a Green Card application are:

  • A petition is filed by a citizen or Green Card holder family member with USCIS in the U.S. or overseas at a U.S. embassy/consulate.
  • Once received, the petition is processed by USCIS.
  • If approved and a visa number has become available, the beneficiary will either apply for adjustment of status if he is in U.S., or will apply for a consular processing in the country of their current residence.
  • If the beneficiary is in U.S. on a nonimmigrant visa, he or she will get a Green Card in mail after the approval by USCIS.
  • If the beneficiary is overseas, he or she will apply for an immigrant visa at the U.S. embassy/consulate and will travel to U.S. After coming to U.S., the person will receive a Green Card in mail.



Filing a Green Card is a complicated legal procedure and it is always recommended to hire an experienced immigration and green card attorney to finalize the process for you. An immigration attorney can help you make sure that you file your case with right forms; submit the petition with all the recommended proofs and documents; follow up with the USCIS about the progress of your case; and is ready to handle your case throughout the process of your green card (which can take up to years, depending on your particular situation). Our immigration lawyers in Dallas can help you file the Green Card for your family members and employees. We are available to discuss your case with a consultation appointment. You can schedule a consultation by calling 1.866.789.1664, emailing, or filling out the form on top of this page. We look forward to helping you with your Green Card and Immigration case.




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