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Relatives of residents or citizens who are not in the U.S. or are not recognized as residents may be sponsored by their relative provided they meet the qualified requirements and undergo the process of immigration law in the United States. In order for a resident or citizen to apply for a relative to immigrate to the United States, they must be able to prove they have enough means to support that individual through income or assets. They also must provide proof of legal employment.


Immigration attorneys at MAS Law Firm have been helping clients since 2000, for their family based petitions. Our team has the knowledge, expertise, and dedication to help you sponsor your relatives and family members to join you here in the United States. We have helped families sponsor their loved ones to come to U.S., and be a part of this greatest country in the world. Let our team of experienced immigration professionals help you make your dream of living with your family members and relatives, a reality.



There are a number of reasons families are separated from each other. Many times family members are deported. Other times families cannot afford to all come at once. There are detailed descriptions for who qualifies as a ‘relative’ in U.S. Immigration Law. In order to request a petition for an immigrant relative, the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services must approve a visa. This visa is referred to as an I-130, or a “Petition for Alien Relative”.


There are two types of family-based visas, Immediate Relative and Family Preference. There is no limit to the number of Immediate Relative visas requested each year. Only spouses, parents, children, and orphans in the process of adoption qualify as immediate relatives. Family Preference visas are limited to certain amounts pertaining to the type of visas they are. These visas include more distant relatives such as grandchildren and spouses of children. Sponsors of siblings and parents must be 21 and over to request a petition for immigration. In other cases, the sponsor supporting the immigrant must be 18 and older. There are four categories of Family Preference Visas:

  • First Preference, which includes unmarried children and is limited to 23,400 a year
  • Second Preference, which includes spouses, minors, and unmarried children and is limited to 114,200 a year
  • Third Preference, which includes married children and is limited to 23,400 a year, and
  • Fourth Preference, which includes siblings, spouses, and minor children and is limited to 65,000 a year



Contacting an experienced immigration attorney can assist people in the process of bringing their families back together again. Our team of Dallas immigration attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and dedication to help you with your family based sponsorship. Our attorneys are available to discuss the details of your case and help you start the process of sponsoring your loved ones to come to the United States to join you. You can schedule a consultation appointment with a member of our team of immigration attorneys by calling 1.866.789.1664, emailing, or filling out the form on top of this page. We offer convenient installment plans and accept all major credit cards.




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